New Book Release by Andersen Alumnus Dee Hubbard (Partner, Denver Office)... At the Altars of Money

At the Altars of Money captures an American ethos about money and scripts the financial meltdown of 2008. Unlike most books about money, this one presents points of view from insiders looking out rather than outsiders looking in.

This is a quirky novel with attitude...and altitude. Edged with satire, it's fiction is woven into a tapestry of real people, real places, and real events.

Ascend into the rarified atmosphere of high finance, styled U.S.A., where money moves from pocket to pocket rather than into productive enterprise. When a modern-day Robin Hood exploits greed, should society brand him (or her) a criminal or a hero? Does it? Join Kelly, Arthur, Fran and Hamish in a provocative romp through America’s dollar dominated culture. Who becomes Robin Hood? And why?

A fiery and uncompromising SEC attorney, Kelly seeks truth. When she perversely embraces an Ayn Rand philosophy about Government, professional conflicts torment and disillusion her. A sullied Irish heritage haunts her.

Scion of a philandering vice president of Coca Cola, Arthur is mired in mediocrity. Seeking fulfillment, he reunites with Fran and Hamish in a venture he hopes will honor their college vow to create wealth by doing something important.

Genetically predisposed to taking risks by a poker playing mom, free-spirited Fran seeks pleasure in the moment. She moves up on Wall Street, outperforming male colleagues in money management and in racquetball because she knows when to use power and when to use finesse.

Iconoclastic, identity conflicted, emotionally scarred, and riddled with insecurities, Hamish masters the universe of securities trading models. From computer genius, he rises to a “golden guru” who owns the future. He seeks redemption in a more zestful, more adventuresome life.

Our small band of merry men and women provide visual and cerebral treats...some brazen, some satirical, some half-serious, some very serious...including: soul-saving sex on the summit of Colorado’s Longs Peak, bonefishing on the Bahamas flats, a private flamenco dance performance from the opera Carmen, casino gambling in a historic mining town, a teasing verbal duel between a married couple undressing for bed, a Celtic wedding in a medieval Scottish castle, a subtle father/son conflict, refusals to submit to Government tyranny, an interracial relationship that ends in tragedy, and a journey deep into an empathetic heart and mind despairing from the events of Nine-eleven.

Of special interest to AA Alums. The book also poaches the fringes of investigative journalism, including some different revelations about the Enron/Andersen affair that dare to challenges popular beliefs.

An audacious crime of compassion concludes the book with a surprising twist.

About the Author Dee Hubbard

During 35 years with Arthur Andersen, mostly in Denver, Dee rose from entry level grunt to managing the largest audit practice in the Rocky Mountain west. As a former Director, or Trustee of 12 Colorado-based organizations, including The Nature Conservancy in Colorado, The University of Colorado Foundation, the Denver Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Havern Center (for perceptually handicapped children), the ill-fated Denver Organizing Committee for the 1976 Winter Olympics (a painful learning experience), and two public companies (Whiting Petroleum Corporation and Allied Motion Technologies), he's chaired Audit and Compensation Committees and served as Designated Financial Expert. Dee figures he's written, edited, analyzed and explained about a million pages of financial information. He's also taught at the University of Colorado; testified before a Grand Jury and in civil and criminal trials; and made financial presentations to the Colorado Legislature General Assembly, to Government agencies, and to a committee of the U.S. Senate.